Sarine Turhede

Transitional phases, reorientation, renewal …… whether chosen by yourself or suddenly confronted with it by life itself

As a holistic life coach, I support people who are in such a phase of change.

A phase in which a decision or a life-altering experience has already occurred and made sure that you know that things can no longer go on as they have so far.

But also a phase in which, however, it is not yet entirely clear how things will go on from now on.

This is a natural growth process that can be compared to a plant: It is the moment when the seeds for something new have already been sown. From the outside it looks like nothing is happening. It is not yet visible what exactly this new thing is.

However, this does not mean that nothing is growing: a seed begins to germinate inside the earth before one day the seedling becomes visible on the surface.

This phase cannot be skipped. It is part of every natural growth cycle.

It gets easier when we get support through this phase where it looks like nothing is happening because it may even look that way to ourselves.

With my blog, my YouTube channel and my services as a life coach, I offer you impulses from a holistic perspective that support you in your personal growth.

I am versed in intuitive energy work through various successfully completed trainings, and daily practice in my own life. That last one is not completed yet (neither successfully or otherwise), so no certificate to show. Joke aside, what I am getting at is: life itself is all about transition and about learning how to say yes to that instead of wanting to “be done with it”, so that we can “live in peace”.

That is such a common theme in life, the wish to be “done with it”. Funnily, if we think this one through, once we’re “finally done with it”, that means this life is over. And that isn’t actually the goal, is it?

The way I see it, the more we become aware of this: that it is about the transition and learning to say yes to it, instead of wanting it to be over, the more we can actually enjoy life and live in peace even when things don’t feel so good right at that moment. Plus we are more free to do the things we’ve actually always wanted to do but that we put off until we’ve accomplished this or that.

My focus topics in the area of personal development are:

Soulful communication :: Work life & Vocation :: Creating soulful spaces

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