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Sarine Turhede

Live sundays 8 pm CE(S)T

Cultivate your ability to clear your inner space.

Find silence. Clarity. Ease.

In you.

And be with you even on the days where you can’t find any of those in you.

Be with the truth of you.

Together with me.

Live on Sundays at 8 p.m. CE(S)T

You are welcome to join me for a free guided meditation in this virtual space every Sunday.

You can use it to deliberately let go of the inflow of information you have accumulated during the week, and thus start the new week with a fresh perspective. Sometimes we will be doing the exact opposite: being with what is instead of letting go of it. That’s the wonderful thing of doing this live, intuitively: I will be guiding you from what I see is needed at that moment. By joining me live, you put your energy into this shared space and what you need at this moment, allowing me to consider that need.

You can of course also let yourself be guided through these meditations at a different time. Since we really are in this field where there is no time, the meditation you pick at any given moment will be the perfect answer to what you need at that moment, regardless of whether it is a recording or a live stream. 🙂

Thirdly, you can use these meditations as a tool to getting started with your own regular meditation if you find yourself having a hard time creating a space for that on your own (while you also feel the longing to do just that).

Whatever you choose, I am happy and thankful that you want to join me in this field of loving self-consciousness


PS: You can subscribe to the live meditations on my YouTube channel.

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Archiv - Geführte Meditationen
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